About The Organization:

Society for Rural Advancement Concern (SRAC) started its organizational activities initially in 1997 for the disadvantaged and under privileged people (Specially Development for Under- Privileged Women & Children ) of urban and rural areas to facilitate, to find the way outs from the prevailing situation. As a development organization, Society for Rural Advancement Concern (SRAC)  aims to establish a just and equitable society, eliminating the oppression and injustice to the poor. It is also committed to carry out a lot of programs for the development of quality of life and the betterment of living condition of the under privileged people. It aims at the welfare of the people and the care of the environment. It believes that taking care of our natural and human resources is salutary for sustainable development that would leave a better Bangladesh for the next generation to come. The main strategies to implement these goals  are organizing the urban and rural poor, help them to undertake self-employment based productive activities supported by a credit program and skill based training and increase capital formation though a savings scheme. As Society for Rural Advancement Concern (SRAC) is going to expand it’s program and for financial limitations, financial & non-financial cooperation are sincerely expected from each and every possible corner.


Year of establishment:                              1997.