Rahman Md SaidurChairman & CEO Message

Today, despite Bangladesh’s economic growth, there is a real need to provide new job opportunities and put an end to poverty.  Extensive progress has been made so far, but there are still social problems to address child hunger, disease, and teenagers at risk from addiction, poor education, high & Low unemployment, Under- Privileged Women, Children, and their families in need of support. Society for Rural Advancement Concern (SRAC) sprung from the belief that Non-Governmental Organizations and charitable institutions can effect real change in our fast-developing nation.

In order to improve the social conditions of our citizens, to share in the nation-building process taking place in Bangladesh, and out of our belief that everyone deserves a decent standard of living, we feel strongly responsible and passionate that each citizen needs to help build our country. It is no longer only the provenance of government or a few committed individuals, but a national responsibility shared by every member of Bangladeshi society.

The Society For Rural Advancement Concern (SRAC) embodies an optimistic vision of its role in the improvement of all aspects of life – social, economic, educational, and medical. Through the work of our dedicated and experienced advisor &  board members, The Society For Rural Advancement Concern (SRAC)  provides diversified social services to the community – aiming at a better life with better healthcare and improved education for those in need.

Our children are the future they need nurturing and care in order to flourish and reach their full potential. Accordingly, the Society for rural Advancement Concern (SRAC) beginning its work along with the Government of Bangladesh to achieve radically reforms in the education system by the Non- formal, Pre-primary & primary education sector. The renovation of Educational systems with a special focus on elementary education Our Organization is continuously monitoring our established pre-primary school, non-formal Schools & primary schools in underprivileged areas of greater Dhaka, Chittagong, khulna&Barishal In our Country.

In addition, the Organization organized various cultural and diversified activities including seminars on a variety of social, cultural, and medical issues.

The Society For Rural Advancement Concern (SRAC) also teamed up with other charitable organizations and foundations working in the same fields to solve emerging social problems such as addiction, malnutrition, family planning, illiteracy, and unemployment.

As well as educational help, the Society for Rural Advancement Concern (SRAC) provides assistance to those in need of social, financial, and material aid. This includes the provision of food, healthcare services, and training courses for children and their families. In this way, we establish the ability of the next generation to sustain themselves in the future and to continue to build a better Bangladeshi society.

In addition to our efforts in the education arena, the Society For Rural Advancement Concern (SRAC) works closely on the medical needs of the poor. We have undertaken medical and social studies to determine the real needs of people. The Society For Rural Advancement Concern (SRAC) has served more than 20,000 patients in deprived areas like the remote area. This was possible through the organization of several own medical caravans where free medical treatment and free medicines were provided under the supervision of a medical team of Our Organization.

You will be pleased to hear that our organization soon set up a mobile hospital named JIBON GARI project to provide healthcare to the people in remote areas of the country.

Perhaps one of the most important responsibilities of the Society For Rural Advancement Concern (SRAC)is the monitoring of our efforts and follow-up of our work in all fields. The object of the Society For Rural Advancement Concern (SRAC) is to invest in the future of Bangladesh and to promote sustainable economic growth. We will work toward finding the best solution to every possible obstacle facing us in building a modern Bangladeshi society. It is a duty we will carry on for the sake of generations to come.

Md. Saidur Rahman

Chairman  & CEO

Our Mission . 2020