Help: Rohingya Refugee crises :

The Rohingya Refugee crises have become a major issue for Bangladesh. Fleeing population blames the security forces back in Myanmar for burning their villages, rapes, and mass killings. Also, the Rohingya Muslim population is now stateless as Myanmar rejected citizenship to Rohingya people. Myanmar Authority Do not accept them. At that time Our Country has been sheltering them For Humanity. But now we are suffering many crises. we are not able to carry out this problem. So we want the cooperation of everyone in the world to solve this problem urgently.Rohingya Refugee crises

At the same time, as long as they are staying in our country, they have to arrange their food and shelter for humanitarian reasons. We are trying to best through our organization. However, our financial capability is limited. So our organization is not able to continue this activity. Therefore, I sincerely request all humanitarian people and organizations of the world to support this great initiative of ours. so we hope that you will extend your hand to help as much as we can to make this program more speedy.