We at SRAC foresee working on a much bigger scale to build a smarter, brighter, and dignified future for not only the children of our less-advantaged community but for the entire Country as a whole!

Child Education Program

Child Education Project Proposal During the last decade, Bangladesh has achieved significant success in increasing enrolment in primary and secondary education But still, 30%of the children in the 6-10 age group never enter the primary school while 40% Drops out before completion. The adult literacy rate is the lowest in the world at about 62% Based on the above scenario and considering education as the most powerful weapon to establish people’s freedom, democracy, and empowerment, SRAC  has been in the non-formal education sector actively during the past 7/8 years.

Emergency relief Program

SRAC operates in a disaster-prone region characterized by wetlands, seasonal flooding, and frequent cyclones in the South, Southwest & southeast area in our country. Where The Poor children and women are the most vulnerable to climate change and environmental risks. The gains made with great efforts to improve health and nutrition status among marginalized communities may be wiped out overnight when a disaster strikes. The likely long-term implications of climate change on childhood survival, nutrition, and development are still to be estimated in our intervention area.

Several decades of work rooted in local communities have earned SRAC enough trust from the government and civil society to make it a primary partner during times of emergency. When cyclone Ciddr in 2007 &  Aila in May 2009 hit at South & south-west area in our country. it destroyed homes, crops, and livestock.  SRAC’s relief efforts were concentrated on the cyclone-affected areas in our country.  At that time water purifying tablets were provided to 20,000 people; 3000 people were fed by community kitchens. 

COVID-19 Emergency Food & Safety Assistance Program

covid-19 bangladesh

COVID – 19 Bangladesh has deprived many poor families of their income as they are all at home in a lockdown situation. Their earning members some of whom are labor are stuck in remote cities. We are anguished to see many of their children slipping into malnutrition. Pregnant and lactating mothers,  many of them in these families are going hungry. This will compromise their immune response and make them more susceptible to the virus.

SRAC has been working with such poor families in Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Barisal Division.  We cannot allow a worsening of the health and nutrition status in such vulnerable families. Our government is doing their best; we can do more with your support.

On behalf of SRAC, we appeal to you to donate to our emergency response fund, distributing Nutrimix a low-cost nutritious product for children and women, food items, soap, masks, and sanitizers, etc. Our trained volunteers distribute the relief materials following the norms of social distancing, washing their hands before and after distribution, wearing masks. Since the lockdown started on 26th  March have reached out to thousands of families with your support so far and our target is to reach 50,000 families. Your donations will help us to reach more families. You may send donations to support.